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Expert knowledge from long-term experience in the financial sector as well as expertises on the application of appropriate technologies and on the design of IT architectures are integrated into the development of our products. With our products, information required for the increase of productivity and profitability of your company which remained unused, is extracted. The consequent centralization of cross-divisional functions relieves existing processes; metadata repositories give data silos in the system landscape company-wide significance.

We see ourselves as a partner for your Business-IT-Alignment . With solutions tailored for your company, we create competitive advantages on both a business and IT level.

The application of our services has an impact on the architecture design in all three levels – strategy, processes and systems. We strive for developing service concepts to accelerate adaptability and increase efficiency of financial activities in global competition. The services of the safeX™ product family are applied in different business cases, from the implementation of compliance and safety requirements, from functionalities to straight-through- processing and reconciliation across different processes.

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You are responsible for your data. Therefore you are obliged to provide clarity for your processes by means of monitoring, on your own initiative and due to regulatory requirements. You keep the overview – to meet safety and compliance requirements or to call up a process status.
Our safeX™ product family is a standard product especially in the areas of Financial Information Distribution Applicaton (FIDA), Crypthography & Signature Engine (CSE) as well as Reliable Event Driven Inforamtion & Process Logger (REDI).

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Our service "Compliance" gives support for the implementation of all sorts of internal and external requirements. The functionalities of the safeX™ product family provide solutions for your specific requirements, from PSDII or KonTraG requirements to revision-proof data storage and safety and risk requirements..

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Not meeting data-protection requirements can not only cause damage for the company, but can result in substantial fines, too. The ongoing digitization leads to an increasing demand for crypto solutions, such as e. g. encryption or digital signature. These functionalities come to use in digital payment processes or release of payments in payment transactions. They come to use e. g. in automated invoicing processes, the safe transfer of information as well as the establishing of authentication and identity.

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Our service „Conversion“ allows efficient processes without media discontinuity. New standards, the connection to new systems or further development of straight-through processing require intelligent conversion solutions. With our approach of a central service highly efficient information management is achieved. With safeX™ you will reach a transformation and information level, taking process knowledge into account.

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We support you in the implementation of your projects with our products and know how - for efficient and safe processes.

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