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For this year's digital Sibos 2020 "Driving the evolution of smart finance", we are proud to be a part of it for another year. We have compiled several of the current topics within our business areas on this page.

Our core topics for Sibos 2020


image GPI HUB

The GPI Hub is our solution that enables you to easily implement the needed gpi requirements. With its own data base, which can collect information from individually configurable sources, it provides all the data you need and more.
Essential functionalities to optimize your payment landscape are provided. We work with you to successfully and sustainably integrate the GPI Hub into your payment strategy.

GPI Hub - functionalities:

  • Full Tracker Interaction
  • Validation of Payment Messages
  • Data Provisioning and Data Mapping
  • Scheduling
  • Tracking beyond gpi
  • Reporting and Monitoring

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ISO 20022 Migration

Banks and corporates rely on us when it comes to MX Migration. We provide comprehensive know-how and long-term project experience in the SWIFT environment.
Numerous projects are currently in progress and our Business Analysts will be glad to advise you in all specialized and technical aspects regarding SWIFT, payment, info management, and compliance queries.

ISO 20022 MX Migration - project overview:

  • ISO 20022 migration
  • T2-T2S consolidation
  • EURO1 migration
  • Cross-Border Payments and Reporting Plus (CBPR+)
  • Preliminary studies, feasibility studies, technical concepts
  • Implementation, application support and maintenance
  • System developments and modifications according to SWIFT Standards and the latest technologies

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image Projects

SWIFT Cloud Services

image Cloud Services

The IT landscape is changing, the growing trend away from a company-owned data center and towards the Cloud is spreading to all areas of every company. The trend shows, organizations are migrating to the Cloud faster than ever.
We provide you fast, easy, and reliable solutions with a maximum level of support, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

SWIFT Cloud Services - our support:

  • Guidance of the migration of SWIFT infrastructure into the Cloud
  • Management of SWIFT infrastructure in the Cloud
  • Combined service offers for additional support
  • Cost savings, high flexibility, and efficiency
  • Expert knowledge available at any time

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The Customer Security Programme (CSP) established by SWIFT is one of our main concerns. Especially in the sensitive areas of payments, regulatory and self-imposed obligations represent a challenge for financial industry. Apart from the financial industry, these regulations apply to companies more frequently as well.
With our support as experts in compliance issues you can go on optimizing your processes and concentrate on daily business.

CSP - our support:

  • Analysis and evaluation of your current internal and external security infrastructure and existing security controls
  • Development of SWIFT Compliance Report
  • Selection of suitable measures and implementation of all mandatory controls, and if needed advisory controls, of the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework
  • Support and implementation of all requirements after a SWIFT assessment for additional assurance
  • Annual update of your security infrastructure according the current SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework

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image CSP

Reference Data Processing

image Reference Data Processing

In cooperation with an European major bank we developed a software product, which validates reference information from external and internal resources and provides it in one location wherever and whenever it is needed.
With our software product we support you in increasing compliance, transparency, performance, scalability and maintainability.

Reference Data Processing - functionalities:

  • Import of reference data from structured files via WebService
  • Browsing of reference data via the Web user interface
  • Export of reference data via Web user interface scheduler
  • Data change in the Web user interface using a four-eye principle
  • Full history management of selected data sets
  • Handling of user and role privileges

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Software safeX™

Over 20 years of cooperation with our customers and partners have made safeX™ grow and mature. Our software product family is compliant to EU laws and implements national and international standards (ISO) as well as reliability (24/7) in the area of high-performance transaction systems.
The services of the safeX™ product family are applied in your business cases, from the implementation of compliance and safety requirements to straight-through- processing and reconciliation.

Software safeX™ - functionalities:

  • Electronic signature (e-signature) methods and cryptographic algorithms for successful document processing
  • Securing data exchange and safeguarding sensitive data
  • Additional feature safeX™ eBundle provides audit-proof archiving methods
  • Combining information from different business processes to increase transparency and comprehensibility
  • Fulfilling legal, organizational and compliance requirements

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image safeX

We are looking forward to discussing these topics in detail in personal conversations.
If you have any questions or requests, please contact our
Sibos team

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